From LtoR: Karl Brown (Artist) - Mike French (Writer)

From LtoR: Karl Brown (Artist) - Mike French (Writer)


mike french - author of An Android Awakes and Fictional alignment

Mike French’s debut novel, The Ascent of Isaac Steward, the first book of the Dandelion Trilogy, was published in 2011 and nominated for a Galaxy National Book Award. The rest of the trilogy, Blue Friday and Convergence, were published by Elsewhen Press in 2012 and 2013 respectively: both of which were nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke award.

Mike's website:

Sapphira Olson - author of parables

Sapphira Zhanna Olson is the author of the bestselling novel Humans (An Assortment of Minor Defects). Born in Bryansk, Russia, Sapphira is half Russian and half American, her father being born in Minnesota. Tragedy struck early in her life with the death of her twin sister when she was only six weeks old and then again with the tragic loss of her father in the Altostratus disaster.

After the global success of Humans, Sapphira withdrew from public life for a number of years and Parables is her first work since then. When not writing, she spends her time scuba diving and exploring, with her husband, the cold wastelands of Antarctica.



KARL brown - artist on An Android Awakes

Karl Brown is a comic artist & illustrator. After initially studying in Northern Ireland he moved to England to do a degree in illustration at the University of Bedfordshire. Karl’s inspiration comes from his love of heavy metal music and keen interest in history.

Tony Allcock - Cover artist on Fictional alignment

Tony Allcock has exhibited his dynamic Expressionist figure paintings at numerous galleries including the Centre International d’Art Contemporain, Paris.

His artistic heroes are Pablo Picasso, Jack Kirby, Ed Eller, Enke Bilal, and Bruce Pennington. Hugo Pratt, whilst suggesting that he begin a career in comics, described his black and white illustrations as being in the fine British Gothic tradition of William Blake.

He is one of the world experts in Clip Studio Paint: the preferred graphic software of graphic novel artists.

Umberto Amundsen - Cover artist and interior artwork on Parables