Draw Up A Cool Can Of Oil

Review just in from Blue Book Balloon:

'Real depth and resonance: A ramified, knotted artefact, existing beyond the normal two dimensions of the page. Reading it is a truly different experience and I urge you to draw up a cool can of oil, rest your servos for a bit, and interact with it through your optic sensors...'

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Write or Die

Great review up this weekend on Geek Native:

'The strange Android has a great imagination, telling wonderful tales about his favourite characters.  You might be reminded of One Thousand and One Nights. In the famous Arabian Nights scenario the clever Scheherazade keeps her story going by weaving story into story. In An Android Awakes PD121928 is an Android writer who only has a dozen more chances to land a writing gig or he’ll be discontinued.'

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BASE5 Magazine

BASE5 - a brand new magazine to help the homeless, has some An Android Awakes goodies inside. For the first time see some of the artwork in colour on the printed page and there's a neat little review as well:

'Wizardry of character building - 2000AD meets LOBO'

There's also some orginal artwork from Karl - and the whole issue is packed full of articles, poetry, photography and a great piece from Ian Rowlands about the exhibition: Iraq - The Forgotten Story.

All profits go to the homeless and you can buy a copy here: http://www.base5.media/store/

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