Shocked, Baffled and Amazed

Great review up for FICTIONAL ALIGNMENT at AMO Magazine!

'Consistently imaginative and always entertaining - Fictional Alignment takes the original book and slices and dices it to spectacular effect. Prepare to be shocked, baffled and amazed, in no particular order and sometimes all at once.'

And we loved this bit in the overview, which talks about the android Heisenberg:

'To fix the historical record, they will need to go back in time and turn her [Sapphira's] fictional stories into reality. It may sound like an impossible task, but thankfully, the android Heisenberg is completely out of its mind.'

Full review here:

FICTIONAL ALIGNMENT: Refreshes the parts other novels cannot reach.


Review for FICTIONAL ALIGNMENT at Geek Syndicate saying Mike's prose is similar to what, 'might be found in the pages of the likes of 2000AD.'

And it says there are, 'layers and layers of proper and salient science fiction ideas packed into Fictional Alignment.' And it's, 'a satire about truth and, to jump on a particular zeitgeist, fake news.'

And our favourite quote is at the end when they say:

'A refreshingly weird slice of science fiction satire.'

Which makes us think of the Heineken Lager advert, where Heineken, 'Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.'

Might use that as an advert for FICTIONAL ALIGNMENT!

FICTIONAL ALIGNMENT: Refreshes the parts other novels cannot reach.