History Becomes The Play Thing Of Our Wrecking Crew

A really great review just up on SfBook.com

'Fictional Alignment is a worthy sequel to its tour de force predecessor. If French is seeking to create a new Moorcock-like multiverse, that explores the nature of humanity, reality and truth, then these books are a great beginning.'

'Keep surging forward into each mini adventure with relish.'

Read the full review here:


Shocked, Baffled and Amazed

Great review up for FICTIONAL ALIGNMENT at AMO Magazine!

'Consistently imaginative and always entertaining - Fictional Alignment takes the original book and slices and dices it to spectacular effect. Prepare to be shocked, baffled and amazed, in no particular order and sometimes all at once.'

And we loved this bit in the overview, which talks about the android Heisenberg:

'To fix the historical record, they will need to go back in time and turn her [Sapphira's] fictional stories into reality. It may sound like an impossible task, but thankfully, the android Heisenberg is completely out of its mind.'

Full review here: https://alternativemagazineonline.co.uk/2018/04/03/book-review-fictional-alignment-by-mike-french/